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Families and Friends


Faithful Adventures customizes every experience to your personal specifications. If you cannot find what you're looking for just ask!!


The competitive/active adventure leaves no room on the sidelines. In this Challenge you either win or lose. Which will it be?

Activities include corn hole, ultimate frisbee, bocce ball, relay races, spike ball, and much more

Group Size| 8-50

Duration| 2-3 hours

Tailgate Adventure

The tailgate adventure is a laid-back experience just like a casual non-competitive Saturday with a little added fun.

Activities include Corn hole, Bocce ball, Spike Ball, Kan-Jam, Horse shoes, and much more.

Group size| 8-20

Duration| 2-4 hours


Do your family and friends enjoy problem solving and challenges. Our challenges adventure experience consists of group games and challenges that will have everyone invested in no time. No matter if you are someone who takes charge or someone who sits back and examines everyone has a part to play in this adventure.


Group Size| 4-20

Duration| 2-3 hours

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