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Organizations and Teams

Over the years, companies and organizations have discovered the importance of being a team at work. At Faithful Adventures we believe that team's function better when community is felt, and fun is had. Faithful Adventures provides opportunities for teams to venture out of the workplace to build community and fun. Utilizing games and activities, Faithful Adventures provides an adventure your team would be thrilled to be a part of.

 It is true that people get along better and are more productive when trust is built and feel supported. Faithful Adventures provides experiences where connections are built, and relationships strengthened. Teams that develop stronger relationships build an environment where communication is streamlined which leads to fewer frictions and conflicts.

Nothing is better than a team operating with cohesion to achieve a collective goal.


Every team building adventure is customized to meet your team's specific needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for below in the descriptions, just ask!

Team Building

Today, companies and organizations are challenged to keep their employees engaged and committed to their purpose of work. Team members want to feel passionate about their work, however over time their purpose and passion for their work begin to dwindle. Organizations and teams know that leading with values are important. The problem is that values and culture are constantly evolving and changing.

At Faithful Adventures, our team building programs consist of non-traditional games, ice breakers, energizers, trust activities, and group problem-solving initiatives. Faithful Adventures focuses on creating an environment where individuals can see how results are streamlined through the process of communication, working together, and when talents and skills are pooled together.

One of the many potential outcomes of this team building experience is the significant growth that the group will encounter that can be translated to everyday life. Results from the experience can range from surprising to transformational.

Group Size| 10-50

Duration| 1-4 hrs.


If weather or the outdoors is a concern for your team building adventure do not fret. Team building is not just an outdoor activity your team building experience can be just as impactful indoors. Faithful Adventures brings your team what we call Table-Top Teambuilding. Table-Top Teambuilding is a profound immersive experience that creates and inspire high energy and unique learning outcomes.

Table-Top Team building includes games designed to bring teams closer together indoors, to boost team morale, build comradery, while encouraging better group collaboration, problem-solving and communication.

Group Size| 10-50

Duration| 2-3 hours


Does your team need a day to get out of the office and unwind. Faithful Adventures provides an atmosphere filled with lots of fun and laughter. Faithful Adventures utilizes field games to ignite your team in friendly competition. The team that learns to communicate well, puts their trust in others, and solve problems quickly may have just what it takes to rise to the occasion and beat their competition.



Activities may include corn hole, volleyball, bocce ball, ultimate frisbee, relay races, spike ball, and so much more... 


Group Size| 10-50

Duration| 2-3 hours

Executive Leadership Team Building

Immersive Team Building experience designed for executive leadership teams.

At Faithful Adventures, we know that companies and organizations rise, and fall based on their leadership. Leadership teams that are in sync with each other, have optimal communication, built a foundation of trust just go farther than their competitors. These two-to-three-hour sessions are built around optimizing the effectiveness of your executive team while having loads of fun.

Group Size| 10-20

Duration| 2-3 hours

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