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"Power of Play"

Discover the Power of Play and immerse yourself in our versatile programs at Faithful Adventures. Regardless of where our adventure takes us whether to a local park, your office, a conference room, or any preferred location.
Our programs at Faithful Adventures are tailored to your unique circumstances. We do this by finding out your “why” Utilizing the Power of Play, building relationships are simplified, communication is streamlined, and trust is solidified.

Join us for a transformative journey where your adventure will just begin. Through the Power of Play you will discover your purpose and share unforgettable moments.

Where will the Power of Play take you? Let your “why” be your guide to an unforgettable adventure.

Let's Play

Business Clients

Over the years, businesses and organizations have depended on Faithful Adventures to strengthen their teams and build long lasting bonds between group members. Check out all the Corporate Team Building Experiences we offer to join in the fun.

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Games and Activities

These are just a few of the many games and activities we can play together!

Group Photos

We like to cap off the fun of each day with a group photo.


We love hearing what people have to say about us

     Jade Bridges     

Founder and Chief Play Officer

Jade Bridges was born in Spartanburg, SC. He currently resides in East Texas. Jade graduated college from North Greenville University and has a passion for the outdoors and a heart towards serving others.

His love for adventure and his ability to create unique experiences for people makes him the prime "Chief Play Officer" of Faithful Adventures. Jade loves utilizing games and activities to bring fun and unity to any team he encounters.

He has a diverse background as a personal trainer, certified park and recreation professional, outdoor educator, and a volunteer at church.

Jade also is a devoted husband and loves spending time with his wife. Jade truly knows the value of relationships and fun.

team building, adventure, team work, play , culture, cultivate

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